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Confirmation: The 8th European Workshop on Lipid Mediators will be held on June 30 until July 02, 2021
(if necessary it will be a hybrid meeting)


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8EWLM Educattional session


Wednesday, June 30th

13:00 Educational session

Chengcan Yao (25 min)
“An update of PGE2’s roles in mucosal inflammation”

Cécile Gladine (25 min)
"Inter-individual variability of the circulating oxylipin profiles in humans: major determinants and consequences in clinical research"

Craig Wheelock (20 min) & John Newman (20 min)
Titles TBA

Coffee break (30 min)

15:00 1st  Sponsored Session by United Therapeutics Corporation
(PGI2 analogues from bench to bedside)

Lucie Clapp (University College London, UK) (30 min)
"Multiple cellular targets for prostacyclin (IP) receptor agonists; therapeutic implications in pulmonary hypertension"

Olivier Sitbon (AP-HP, Hôpital de Bicêtre - Université Paris-Sud, France) (30 min)
"Therapeutic use of prostacyclin in pulmonary hypertension"

1 talk selected from the submitted abstracts (15 min)
1 talk selected from the submitted abstracts (15 min)

Coffee break (30 min)

17:00  2nd Sponsored Session (Resolution of Inflammation)

Charles Serhan (Brigham and Women's Hospital-Harvard Medical School, Boston, US) (40 min)
“Pro-resolving lipid mediators are novel signals for tissue regeneration"

Marc Dubourdeau (Ambiotis SAS, Toulouse, France) (30 min)
“Resolution lipid signature in different physiological and pathological contexts”

1 talk selected from the submitted abstracts (20 min)

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The venue:
Sune Bergströms Aula,

Eugeniavägen 3,
Karolinska University
Hospital. Stockholm.

The Special Issue of
our previous European
Workshop on Lipid
Mediators (Brussels Edition)
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